Welcome to the page about the D.S.S.V. Tartaros board.

(fltr: Irene, Wessel, Gelieke, Thijs, Thomas)

Chairman: Gelieke Steeghs
Hello there! I’m Gelieke and I’m the chairperson of Tartaros during the upcoming year. Therefore, I want to introduce myself to you by means of this little piece of text.

I’m 21 years old and this year I’m doing the pre-master’s for International Land and Water Management, which I’m combining with working part time. Last year I had a gap year, during which I’ve been travelling as well as volunteering and working. Next to my love for travelling, I enjoy doing sports (survivalrun, duh), listening to music and reading books. You might also spot me walking around with my DSLR (digital single-lens reflex camera, for starters), as I like to play around with photography every now and then. Furthermore, I’m a) the only pescotarian of Tartaros and b) green is my favourite colour (Tartarosgreen, that is).

As the oldest and obviously wisest person of the candidate board, the position of chairperson was a no-brainer for me. I’m honoured to be in such an awesome association, and my wish is to make it even better than it already is. On to a great board year!

Secretary: Thijs Havinga
My name is Thijs Havinga and I am currently the secretary of Tartaros. While I’m writing this, I am twenty years old and a second year Advanced Technology student. When I started studying here, I became a member of Tartaros, but I practiced survivalrun already three years before that at ASV Atletics in Nijverdal. I first did a couple recreative runs, then one year youth competition (JSCA) and now for the second time the short distance competition (KSR).

Next to survivalrun, I go running, mountain biking or hiking once in a while, as a change for the long sitting due to studying. The fact that I don’t really like sitting still might also be the reason that I have not seen any of the Harry Potter movies, which is a shame apparently. Fortunately, you often can listen to music at the same time you are doing other things, so that’s what I do regularly.

At Tartaros, there is, next to survivalrun, also enough space for socializing. I hope it will become another sporting and cozy year and I am of course going to try to make that happen!

Treasurer: Wessel Klumperman
Heyy all! I’m Wessel and I’ll be the treasure of Tartaros for the upcoming year. Ever since I was 8 years old, I’ve been a member of ASV Atletics, which is a survivalrun association back home in Nijverdal. First I was only doing the athletics part, but when the survival part was created I joined this part at the age of 12. As I’m a member of Tartaros now, I have a KSR licence and I participate in quite a lot of runs.

As an Advanced Technology student I have quite broad interests. With my standout knowledge of – for instance – business administration, the role of treasurer was perfect for me.

Furthermore, at those moments when I really don’t have anything on hand, I like to play games with my fancy PlayStation 2 or just Pokemon Go. Oh, and I also try to play the guitar since a while. To conclude, I like food.

Ps: r

Commissioner of track and materials: Thomas Dommerholt
Hi, my name is Thomas Dommerholt, I’m 19 years old and I will be the Chief of Materials of the 10th board of Tartaros. This seemed as a suitable function because besides doing survivalrunning itself, I also do like the obstacles where we all can survive in. I’m curious what is behind these constructions and their materials and hope to learn more about this and other things during my board year.

Speaking of constructions and stuff, I’m currently in my second year of the bachelor Mechanical Engineering. In my spare time I like to do mechanical stuff too, mostly with bicycles. I have recently bought a welder and am planning to build some things.

Another hobby is mountain biking which I sometimes do when I’m home home in Nijverdal. In Nijverdal I also started practicing survivalrun at the association ASV Atletics a couple of years ago. Furthermore, I enjoy participating in survivalruns. I have a KSR (short survivalrun) license and try to do most of these runs. I really enjoy the trainings and activities with Tartaros and hope to keep the great vibe.

Commissioner of internal affairs: Irene Kuin
Hey everybody!

My name is Irene, I’m 21 years old and I am the commissioner of internal affairs in the 10th board of D.S.S.V. Tartaros. Three years ago, I moved from the lovely “Brabant” to the far east to study “Technische Bedrijfskunde” (or “TBK” as most people call it). At the moment of writing (June 2018) I’m in my third year of the bachelor and hopefully I will finish my bachelor’s degree this summer. Then I will continue with the master Applied Mathematics in September.

Last two years, I’ve played tennis, but this year it was time for something new and survivalrun took my attention. The combination of condition and strength was what I liked the most. I’m thus not that experienced; I’ve only participated in one survivalrun, but what was that nice! Except for all the bruises and the fact that I was completely exhausted, I thought it was an amazing experience and definitely worth repeating. I hope to join many great survivalruns this year.

To a great board year!

“Löp wal lös!”

9th Board (2017-2018)

(fltr: Corinne, Elwin, Martijn, Arjen, Thiemo)

Name Function
Martijn Eppink Chairman
Elwin Vree Secretary
Arjen Welleweerd Treasurer
Thiemo de Groof Commissioner of Track and Materials
Corinne van den Brink Commissioner of internal affairs

8th Board (2016-2017)

(fltr: Anouck, Anna, Kas, Marije)

Name Function
Kas Attevelt Chairman
Anna Kaal Secretary
Marije Siemann Treasurer
Anouck Wisselink Commissioner of internal affairs

7th Board (2015-2016)

(fltr: Cisko, Bas, Arnaud, Eelkje, Jelle)

Name Function
Arnaud Loman Chairman (from 07/05/2015 until 24/10/2015)
Bas Keet Secretary
Eelkje Kooistra Treasurer
Cisko Loos Commissioner of Track and Materials
Jelle Buitenhuis Commissioner of internal affairs (until 24/10/2015)
Jelle Buitenhuis Chairman (starting from 24/10/2015)

6th Board (2014-2015)

IMAG1024 edited
(fltr: Diederik, Reinier, Manouk, Riemke)

Name Function
Riemke Drent Chairman
Reinier Nielen Secretary
Manouk ter Steege Treasurer
Diederik van der Valk Commissioner of Track and Materials

5th Board (2013-2014)

Name Function
Jasper van der Heijdt Chairman
Marjon Baas Secretary
Manouk ter Steege Treasurer

4th Board (2012-2013)

Name Function
Jeroen van Beek Chairman
Marjon Baas Secretary
Jasper van der Heijdt Treasurer
Sebastian Schiller Commissioner of Track and Materials

3rd Board (2011-2012)

3e bestuur

Name Function
Jelle Dijkstra Chairman
Karel Drenth Secretary
Matthijs Tijink Treasurer
Jan Greuter Commissioner of Track and Materials

2nd Board (2010-2011)

Name Function
Ralph Voortman Chairman
Kjell Meershoek Secretary starting from February
Michiel Raaijmakers Secretary until February
Jeldrik Bakker Treasurer
Wouter Beeks Baan- en materiaalcommissaris

1st Board (2009-2010)

Name Function
Berend Bekker Chairman
Michiel Raaijmakers Secretary
Jeldrik Bakker Treasurer