Survivalrun Union Netherlands

Tartaros has become a member of the Survivalrun Union Netherlands (SBN) since April 2015.

This Union helps by overseeing during the organisation of survivalrun races, as contactpoint for associations and by approving parcours, ensuring the safety.

It is obligatory for all members of a survivalrunassociation to become a member of this Union. This will cost €17,50 per year. With this membership you get additional medical insurance (during training and survivalruns, which are checked by the Union), you get a discount on the runs, 4 times a year a survivalmagazine and you support the Union to make survivalrun bigger.

For those that have run some or many runs there is the option to sign up for a competitionlicence. These licences cost €15,- per year and must officially be applied for before the 20th of august. This gives you the right to participate in the corresponding category of your license offered by the SBN. The advantage you get from participating in a license run is starting at the start of the day. The obstacles are then still clean and the chances of queues are smaller. There are three license categories: Short, middle and long survivalrun distances, respectively KSR, MSR and LSR. To get into the final ranking, a minimal number of runs has to be run. For the KSR this will be 8 runs and for MSR 5. There are a couple of rules for subscription for the licenses: subscription is only allowed after finishing 5 qualification runs with wristband in the current (and previous season).
Furthermore all categories will exist of an competition section and a topsection. The topsection will have a couple of extra privileges, such as guaranteed starting, early startingtime and licht, quickdrying shirts in corresponding size. The topsection KSR consists of 40 gents and 15 ladies, MSR respectively 30 and 10, LSR 20 and 5.

KSR/MSR/LSR licence €15,-

KSR Short Survivalrun Distance: 18+, distance is between 6-9 km

MSR Middle Survivalrun Distance: 18+, distance is between 9-15 km

LSR Long Survivalrun Distance: 18+, distance is between 15-25 km

Keep in mind: These licences run from 1 september till 31st of august and are every year automatically renewed. If you want to make changes to your subscription or licence this must be done before the 1st of July.