The website is currently being translated, but for the time being the most important information can be found here.

Survivalrun is a sport where running on a rough track is combined with climbing obstacles and ropes. It’s perfect for improving both your endurance and power!

Tartaros organizes three survivalruntrainings a week.

Every Wednesday a training with an instructor takes place at 20:00. You’re free to come anytime to see if survivalrun is something for you!

In September and February the trainings on Wednesday are special introduction trainings. During these, the focus is on the basic techniques you will use during a survivalrun. They will be demonstrated and explained. It is highly recommended to come to these trainings if you do not have any experience with survivalrun. The best outfits for survivalrun are running tights and trail shoes but simple jogging pants (long) and outdoor running shoes will also suffice. Beware that your clothes might get dirty! If you have any questions regarding the trainings or just in general about tartaros do not hesitate and send us an email!

Every Monday and Thursday there is a training without instructor. Before you can train on Mondays and Thursdays, you need to join Tartaros and pass a safety workshop.

Our training location is on the campus of the University of Twente, at the north side of the sport center.

For questions please send an email to secretaris@dssv-tartaros.nl