2nd Lustrum Tartaros

Come and see, women and men, Tartaros is almost ten!

As most of you know, Tartaros will be celebrating its second lustrum (2nd five-yearly anniversary) this coming academic year. Super cool of course and we think, especially for the older members, very special to see how the association has evolved. We have been growing and we’ve achieved a well-founded basis. We will show this with various activities during this Lustrum year.

Beneath you will find the sign-up links for these activities.

2019-10-18 Lustrum Kick-Off: https://forms.gle/hsHVkZoKgjBMtPyC9

2019-11-15 Lustrum Prom + Open Training: https://forms.gle/srTQKUPhBytUE1kF7

2020-07-06 Kick-out Week (Passe-partout): link follows

Lustrum Merchandise

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